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Employment Opportunities


Over 40 years, members of the LEC’s diverse and dedicated team have collaborated to maintain excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, and service to the university and general public. Our continued success depends on our pursuit of modern teaching strategies and curricula, and on our ability to attract and retain the best and most committed workforce. We encourage you to browse this section and learn how the LEC has become an employer of choice in the field of language education in Korea. Learn about our unique academic culture and workplace environment, one that respects and recognizes the value of each employee and allows them to contribute to the best of their abilities towards the achievement of the organization’s mandate while allowing them to grow and tailor their teaching into new fields.

There are many reasons why EFL specialists and instructors have chosen to work at the LEC, including:

  • Our competitive compensation and benefits package.
  • Our exceptional values and culture.
  • Our commitment to ingenuity and continuous development.
  • Coupled with modern resources, these attributes have separated us from the competition and made us into an employer of choice for specialists in the field of language education.


To ensure we attract and retain the best instructors, we offer a competitive compensation and benefits package that is benchmarked regularly to keep it in line with the market.

In addition, we are aware that our employees do not focus solely on compensation. For this reason, we have introduced a variety of “best practices” to enhance employee performance and satisfaction. Among these practices are the following:

  • Research and Travel grants (for conferences etc)
  • Employee recognition for contribution and service
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Social events and mixers for all staff members
  • Excellent housing provisions or a stipend in lieu of that


At the LEC, relationships among people both in the university and in society at large are driven by a core set of values. These are as follows : Integrity and Trust
Honesty and reliability are fundamental traits that all employees are expected to have.


Consideration and tolerance must be shown for all people, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyles.


All administrative, faculty, and staff members must work together in an effective manner.


Management must demonstrate their ability to serve as effective coaches and motivators.

Quality Focus

New ideas and continuous development are encouraged and supported to ensure high levels of quality.


At the LEC, we do our utmost to lead foreign language education in Korea. Finding innovative methods of teaching English has been our hallmark over the years. The initiatives we have been responsible for are:

  • Opening the first teacher-training program taught by native English speaking instructors for Korean teachers of English in 1967.
  • Publishing several well-known academic journals, including The Journal of Language Education, since 1969.
  • Administering an official English listening test through the Korean Broadcasting System for the first time in Korea in 1979.
  • Launching English for Global Communication 1 & 2, a comprehensive English language credit course designed to develop the communicative language abilities; a model which has since been implemented by many other universities across the peninsula.
  • Developing New University for Regional Innovation (NURI) English, a practical English course specifically for students of engineering and applied sciences.
  • Designing an English translation and Interpretation course, the first of its kind in Gwangju, for 2005.
  • Offering a wide variety of courses (from pronunciation and listening to conversation) to different age groups (university students) in a multitude of foreign languages (German, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Korean, Spanish).


The LEC at CNU is constantly looking for well-qualified teachers and researchers in the field of English language education. Full-time instructors are usually recruited twice a year to teach English for Global Communication classes (credit course) and Adult Conversation classes at the Language Education Center of Chonnam National University. In addition, instructors with solid English education backgrounds or those with training experience may also be invited to teach on our highly-regarded Teacher Training courses. Recruitment is usually needed for the end of August or the end of February each year. Due to these start dates, applications should be submitted in either late April or mid-November respective to each start date. We offer modern facilities with a medium-sized foreign staff body coupled with a very experienced and friendly Korean administration team. The campus is one of the largest in Korea and is both verdant and vibrant. Comfortable on-campus two-bedroom single housing is provided. All amenities and facilities are close to hand. Gwangju is a large city of approximately one and a half million people located in the south-west of the peninsula, it is linked to Seoul by regular daily KTX (high-speed train) services (all of which takes less than two hours, typically 1hr40mins) and daily flights from the city''''''''s airport. Express buses also run very frequently.


  • Native Speaker.
  • B.A./B.Ed./B.Sc. holders with at least two year’s teaching experience, preferably at the tertiary level.
  • MA/M.Ed degrees, preferably with a background in English education, linguistics, TESOL, or other related language, business, or education fields.
  • Other certificates such as CELTA, DELTA, TESOL/TEFL will also be looked upon positively.
  • Candidates should be adaptable, dependable, flexible, positive, open-minded, and self-motivated.


  • 1-Year Contract based on twenty teaching hours per week
  • Salary: base pay from 2,071,000KRW to 2,256,000KRW a month based on qualifications.(as of Jan. 2018).
  • Overtime pay: 25,000 - 50,000won per teaching hour (50mins) depending on class types.
  • Single Housing is provided (Two-bedroom apartments, mostly on campus).
  • Severance pay upon completion of the work period at CNU.
  • 8-10weeks paid vacation per annum
  • Settlement Allowance, 300,000won, is provided.
  • Airfare reimbursement: up to one million won up on arrival after submission of receipt for those coming from overseas.
  • Medical Insurance: 50% (standard for Korea)
  • Overtime paid twice per annum.

The Recruiting Process

If the above requirements and benefits match, please send only the following at the specified times as listed above or check our advertisements on various ESL/EFL job websites, especially

  • Resume/CV and brief cover letter.
  • Scanned copies of university diplomas (and teaching certificates.)
  • Copy of current passport photo page & Alien Registration Card if currently residing in Korea.
  • A recent photograph
  • A letter of reference

Transcripts, notarized degrees, and a valid (apostilled) criminal record check will be required for successful applicants. There will also be a health check upon arrival in Korea which is compulsory for employees in Korean governmental institutions.

Mr. Philip King (Hiring Manager) at Or by mail/post to: Mr. Philip King (Hiring Manager) Language Education Center, G&R Hub #213, Chonnam National University, 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-Gu, Gwangju 61186, S.KOREA.

Applicants who meet the above criteria will be contacted for interviews at our discretion. General enquiries will be answered as soon as possible.