English Programs


Summer & Winter Programs


Students who have a general interest in improving their English fluency, ability to speak and understand everyday spoken English, and increase their knowledge of culture in English spoken countries will benefit from this program.

IEP Highlights
  • 5-7 week course
  • IEP has 3 levels and students are placed into levels according to Level Placement test results.
  • Students make rapid progress in rigorous and challenging curricula
  • Class size: 14-18

Winter 2023 Program: January 2-February 17, 2023


Students and professionals who would like to focus on preparing for the internet-based TOEFL test will benefit from the Intensive TOEFL Preparation program.

ITP Highlights
  • 5 week course
  • Consist of TOEFL Speaking, Listening & Reading, Writing and 1:1 coaching
  • Provide effective test-taking skill for achieving high scores in TOEFL tests.

Winter 2023 Program: January 2-February 7, 2023