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Specialty Programs

LEC has special courses open for all current students and the general public.

Sitcom English

In this class students will improve their English through watching sitcoms in English. The main objective of the class is for the students to enjoy the sitcom and improve their listening comprehension skills in the process. The instructor will explain the premise of each show, as well as outline its characters and themes. Before watching each episode, the previous episode will be reviewed and the key themes of the next episode will be explained. After each episode, key vocabulary, idioms and cultural references will be highlighted and discussed


The goal of this course is to improve both vocabulary and the methods of vocabulary acquisition while discussing contemporary news issues. There is no assessment for this class as it is a supplementary class however students will need to have an English speaking proficiency of at least LEC Level 3 or above or equivalent. Each class will investigate new topics connected to the buzzwords abounding in the media. Sometimes current affairs will be the topic; at other times vocabulary connected to specific topics will be the focus. Also, we’ll look at some online resources which may be employed for furthering vocabulary knowledge in self-study. Generally the first hour/class a week will be dedicated to reading & vocabulary ? and often its etymology/roots/derivations and usage in everyday spoken English; the second will focus on discussion & idiomatic expressions. Vocabulary will be the key area but naturally some grammar, P&I, and study tips will come into play during the course. The course is also designed to encourage learners to build their own vocabulary self-study strategies to enable them to climb the English learning ladder.


English Book Club is a chance to expand students’ English in an enjoyable and effective way. The class focuses on two methods of improvement. The first is extensive reading. By immersing themselves in the world of the novel. Students will naturally increase their vocabulary and familiarity with various structures and conventions of written English. Secondly, during lively classroom discussions students will be able to gain experience in expressing their ideas and opinions in clear and effective ways.


It can be frustrating to know a word or vocabulary component, use it accurately in a sentence, and still be misunderstood. Although vocabulary and grammar are essential in learning another language, pronunciation and accent are equally important. This class hopes to begin students on a path of better pronunciation of the American accent. We will be looking at specific letters and vowels that trouble Korean learners, as well as drilling sentences and looking at how Americans use their accents to communicate different feelings and emotions. This is a five week class that meets every Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesdays, certain phonetical components that Korean learners struggle with will be examined, and on Fridays, common sentences and expressions that are used in America will be drilled to help you sound more natural.