Foreign Language Programs


Chinese Programs

Chinese is the most populous first language in the world. In Korea, Chinese is recognized as a very important language in all aspects of society and as a neighboring country. Especially due to increasing political, economic, and social ties between China and CNU, the relationship between Gwangju and China is getting closer. For this reason, the LEC offers a step-by-step Chinese language program in an easy-to-learn format. The goal of the first level is to improve basic pronunciation. In the second level, students will learn listening, speaking, and vocabulary. Level3 will focus on intermediate conversational exercises. Finally, level 4 is designed to promote conversation with native speakers.

Level 1

Level1 is designed to develop pronunciation rules and practice with basic conversation. It aims to improve the basic listening skills and speaking skills and vocabulary for daily life. You will learn about making appointments, weather, locations, routines, hobbies, essential daily tasks such as banking and situations at hospitals, writing emails, reservations, and other expressions associated with invitations.

Level 2

You will learn expressions about college life (how to apply for classes, tests.), public transport usage, shopping, a person''''''''s personality and habits, invitations, and visits.

Level 3

Level 3 is designed to improve the ability to express ourselves in Chinese and reconstruct the language according to diverse situations.

Level 4

Level 4 is designed to facilitate open and diverse discourse in Chinese on a wide variety of topics.