Board & Forum



The Center possesses cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality language education programs. All classrooms are equipped with multi-media and rooms for self-study such as Global lounge and English lounge are always available for students.

Type of Facility Number of Rooms Capacity Location
Multimedia Room 2 96 Changjogwan 3rd floor
Lecture Room 34 1,105 Chagjogwan, LEC Annex, G&R Hub
Auditorium 2 298 Changjogwan 1st Floor
Recording Room 1 6 LEC Annex
Global Lounge 1 20 Changjogwan 2nd floor
English Lounge 1 20 Changjogwan 3rd floor
Instructor Office 7 71 Chagjogwan, LEC Annex, G&R Hub