Foreign Language Programs


Japanese Programs

This is a step-by-step conversational Japanese language program designed to improve students’ practical Japanese language abilities through various interactive and task-based activities. The LEC makes every effort to offer a better education to both students and the public with well-qualified teachers. Learning the Japanese language from pronunciation to vocabulary in a more systematic and natural style.

Level 1 : Japanese Language Starting at the Basics

Learn basic grammar and expressions for everyday conversation by learning letters and Japanese pronunciation. Also, try to understand about Japan and cultures though language.

Level 2 : The start of Japanese conversation

The second level is for students who have completed the first level, so try to use daily expressions with basic grammar, sentence structure and various verb tenses and constructs. Also, as a preparation step of the intermediate course, you will learn Japanese naturally through conversational exercises.

Level 3 : Practice for Practical Japanese conversation

This level is designed for speaking Japanese using basic grammar and sentence structure. Also expressions and sentences with passive verbs, causative verbs, and honorifics will be used. Practice with sentences and conversations focusing on a wide array of subject materials. Students will have opportunities to share and discuss their ideas and opinions. Set practice readings, summarizing themes, and learning special expressions for diverse, everyday situations will be implemented at this level.

Level 4 : Advanced Japanese Conversation

Level 4 enhances students’ abilities to express themselves in a variety of ways and enables them to confidently use Japanese colloquial expressions, questions, and answers. Students can express themselves spontaneously and very fluently in various situations. In order to learn the different expressions, we will participate in role plays and Q&A sessions.