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E.G.C. - English for Global Communication 1 & 2

English for Global Communication is a course that strives to prepare the students of Chonnam National University for potential future situations where interactions in English are either useful or necessary. Although it covers the four basic language skill sets, more emphasis is placed on oral and aural proficiency as research has shown that these areas are where most students lack confidence.

EGC is a credit program. There are two levels to the program, simply referred to as EGC1 & EGC2. This credit course is designed to develop and promote English for Global Communication skills to meet the expectations of an increasingly globalized international society in both personal and possible future business situations. Class sizes are relatively small in comparison to most credit courses so students are able to gain more interaction with their native speaker instructors which will also provide the opportunity to learn more socio-linguistic nuances in addition to the practical language elements.

Students are continually assessed both on their oral and aural proficiency through weekly online listening assignments and grading from instructors based mostly on progress and participation. The course culminates in a final listening test, often referred to as the CBT test [Computer-based testing,] an oral interview with the course instructor, and a presentation which is given in class. The courses use the World Link textbooks published by Cengage Learning in partnership with National Geographic.

EGC1 utilizes World Link Level 1, and similarly EGC2 uses World Link Level 2. If you need more information, click here (link to CNUlang homepage)