About LEC


About Us

The Language Education Center(LEC)

  • LEC is located on the main campus of Chonnam National University (CNU) in the north of Gwangju. It is one of the leading institutes in the field of language education and research in Korea. For over fifty years, the center has worked towards developing the foreign language abilities of university students, as well as the general public, by providing a broad range of language courses and conducting comprehensive research in the field of second language acquisition.
  • Chonnam National University (CNU) The university is the premier institution for tertiary education in the southern region of Korea. The main campus covers 300 tree-lined & verdant acres, encompassing 83 departments in 16 colleges, 11 graduate schools, and 69 research institutions. For over 50 years, the university has fostered research and scholarship among of the brightest students in Korea, many of whom currently serve as the country`s leaders and top professionals. Over 190,000 men and women have graduated from CNU, and the university currently has about 33,000 students in addition to 2,000 faculty and staff members. (figures as of 2018)
  • Known as the "City of Hope and Light", Gwangju is located in the south-western “Jeolla” region of Korea. The city has received much attention over the years due to its harmonious blend of culture, art, and technology. Gwangju hosts a variety of specialized events including the Gwangju Biennale, Kimchi Festival, Jeong Yul-seong International Music Festival, and the Gwangju International Film Festival. The city also is home to numerous provincial parks, art complexes, and historic sites for the culturally inclined, in addition to countless restaurants, bars, and clubs, creating a unique blend of old and new.

Mission Statement

The LEC strives to develop students` knowledge of foreign languages, literature, and global culture. The Center helps students develop a global perspective, training them to use their language skills in a variety of fields, for both practical and academic applications. Through research and publication, the LEC advances scholarship in the discipline, furthering the critical understanding of language and culture in their complexity and diversity. Finally, the LEC actively supports the mission of CNU and its affiliated departments and organizations as it ensures that its graduates are fully-prepared for the challenges of 21st century life.

The LEC offers a broad range of educational courses and programs to:

  • Build foreign language competence and enhance the understanding and appreciation of foreign cultures.
  • Expand, through research and publication, current scholarship in the fields of foreign language pedagogy, second language acquisition, and cultural studies.
  • Play a leading role in developing CNU`s curriculum, enabling students to develop a global perspective.
  • Ensure that CNU graduates have sufficient knowledge and skills in an foreign language to build fluency in that language
  • Prepare our majors for careers in education, government, international trade, or related fields, or for graduate study leading to advanced degrees.
  • Provide opportunities for studying foreign languages and cultures abroad.
  • Enhance the education of professional by providing them with foreign language skills that complement their chosen field of work.
  • Provide opportunities for continuing foreign language study for language teachers and other professionals.
  • Collaborate with the Department of Education and local secondary schools and institutes to facilitate articulation between primary, secondary, and tertiary foreign

language education in Korea.

  • Act as a liaison between CNU and the various business and academic organizations within Korea and overseas.