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Recruitment Notice for Full-time Instructor

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University Positions in Gwangju for March, 2019
 Instructors required for Credit, Elective, & Teacher Training Classes.
[Applicants will be required to have all pertinent documents currently in hand or imminently (for E-2 type applicants) or hold an F2/F6 visa]
The Language Education Centre of Chonnam National University is currently recruiting for the Spring semester of 2019 (To commence work on Monday, March 4th, 2019). Candidates must be native speakers and should preferably possess a Master’s degree, ideally in either TESOL, Applied Linguistics, Education, or another related field. Previous teaching experience at the university level will also be looked upon most favorably – especially those who have taught advanced conversation & writing classes at the tertiary level. Successful applicants will be expected to be available to move in by February 28th, 2019 in order to settle in and for an orientation session.
This position is for CNU’s main Gwangju campus. The expansive, rather verdant campus is one of the largest in Korea and has the amenities that you’d expect of the province’s largest university. We are currently seeking flexible and dedicated applicants to teach on various University Credit Classes, Language Centre Elective Courses (University Students & Staff,) and some Specialty Courses for students, civil servants, and potentially other government programs. Applicants should also be confident and comfortable with participating in our Teacher Training Programs (sponsored by the Ministry of Education) if invited to join.
Conditions are as follows:
Working Conditions
1) Contract period: 12 months (first day of classes, March 4th, 2019 - please see notes at the end of the posting.)
2) Teaching hours: 20 base teaching hours per week
3) Salary: base pay from 2,071,000KRW to 2,256,000KRW based on qualifications.
4) Overtime pay:  25,000 - 50,000 won per teaching hour depending on classes. (Some classes have higher rates of pay, e.g. Teacher Training, writing. Overtime is paid twice per annum.)
1) Single Housing is provided (Two-bedroom semi-furnished apartments on campus. Alternatively, a monthly housing stipend of 400,000KRW is available upon request).
2) Severance pay is paid upon completion of the work period at CNU.
3) Renewal bonus is provided for contract extensions.
4) 8-10 weeks paid vacation is provided.
5) Airfare reimbursement: up to one million won upon arrival after submission of receipts for those coming from overseas [-this is not possible for applicants within Korea.]
6) A settlement allowance of 300,000 won is provided within a month of arrival.
7) Medical Insurance 50%
Required Documents for Application:
  1. Resume/CV + Basic cover letter
  2. Scanned copies of university diplomas with transcripts (and teaching certificates)
  3. Copy of current passport photo page & Alien Registration Card if currently residing in Korea.
  4. A recent photograph
  5. A letter of reference
  6. Scans of Apostilled Degree(s) and Criminal Record Check. If this is in progress to meet visa issuance requirements, they could be sent on at a later date.
    Applications by email preferred. However, by post is acceptable. Only applicants who are offered interviews will be contacted. All applications should be submitted by Monday, December 3rd. 2018 at the latest. Interviews will be conducted in Gwangju during early to mid- January 2019, most likely on Saturdays. Phone interviews may be offered for outstanding candidates who reside abroad and will be conducted in the same period. Please be aware that criminal background checks and the apostille process will need to be in hand or near to completion for this application .If you have done these recently and are currently employed in Korea, a work visa transfer may be issued. Successful candidates will be expected to arrive around Feb. 28th, 2019 at the latest to settle in and for orientation over the weekend.
    Please send all applications to:
    Mr. Philip King (Hiring Manager) at :
    Or to:
    Mr. Philip King (Hiring Manager)
    Language Education Center, Chonnam National University,
    77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-Gu, Gwangju 61186, S.KOREA