• I use my introduction to establish the purpose of my composition.
  • I clearly state my position on the topic.
  • I stay on the topic throughout the composition.
  • I write a closing paragraph that effectively summarizes my position.


  • I use specific examples and details to explain each of the points that I use to explain my position.
  • I balance my use of detail and description throughout my composition.
  • I use the same voice throughout my composition.
  • I use a variety of specific and descriptive words and phrases.
  • I use words correctly and purposefully. Organization
  • My composition is arranged logically and makes sense.
  • I use paragraphing to help organize my points.
  • I use transition words and phrases to connect my sentences and paragraphs so that my composition flows smoothly when I read it.
  • My sentences begin in different ways.
  • My sentences are different lengths to make my composition more interesting for the reader.
  • I avoid using the same words over and over again.


  • I use complete sentences.
  • I spell familiar words correctly.
  • I use capitalization and punctuation correctly.
  • I make sure that the subject of my sentence agrees with the verb.
  • I use the same verb tense throughout my composition.