Principles of the program

  • Each submission due will be strictly observed. Writings submitted later than the due will not be given corrections or assessment.
    ○ Failure to submit 1st draft more than 3 times (Fail)
  • 2nd drafts should be accompanied by Self-Checklists for the Error Codes
  • 2nd drafts are evaluated in six different areas (Content, Word Choice, Conventions, Organization, Voice, Sentence Fluency), by being awarded points from 1 to 6 for each area and an average point from 1 to 6.
  • Writings for this class are to be used for the purpose of training, not for other purposes such as school assessments.
  • 작문 제출기간을 엄수해야 하며, 제출기간 이후에 제출한 작문은 교정과 평가를 받을 수 없음
    ○ 3회 이상 미제출 (Fail)
  • 2nd drafts 제출 시 Self Checklist for Correction Code를 함께 작성하여 제출하도록 함
  • 작문에 대한 평가는 second drafts에 대하여 6가지 분야(Content, Word Choice, Conventions, Organization, Voice, Sentence Fluency)각각에 1~6점까지 부여하고, 평균점을 1~6점까지 부여한다.
  • 강좌를 수강하면서 작성한 글은 타기관 제출용으로 사용할 수 없으며, 본 강좌 학습용으로만 사용할 수 있음